5 Advantages of Buying Garment Stock Lots from China

It is widely known that China is the biggest clothing producing country in the world, the garment industry is one of the most important pillar fields in the nation’s economy. Take Guangzhou city as an example, there is a full well-developed chain from fabric markets to ready-made garments, even the garment stock lots markets run for several years. People can find anything they need such as a particular fabric or an unusual accessory. In this post, we are talking about the garment stocks business, which is the end of the industry chain, and we focus on the advantages of buying garment stocks from China. Due to a large amount of apparel production, and for several different kinds of reasons, such as bankruptcy, overproduction, order cancelation, etc, the volume of garment stock lots business in China is very large.

There are 5 advantages of buying garment stock lots from China:
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  1. There are vast options to from, which means buyers have adequate alternatives.
  2. The finished goods are of good quality.
  3. Buyers purchase the garment stock lots at a low cost.
  4. There is a high profit margin from the procurement.
  5. Chinese suppliers are more efficient in order fulfillment.

Vast Options to Choose from

Since China is producing plenty of garments every day, meanwhile, some of these goods will not be sold and will become stock lots. Almost every apparel plant has its garment stock lots, so does every clothing store. Generally speaking, clothing factories always make 5% more in quantity to avoid quality checking defections, however, in most cases, there will not be so many defective clothes in the final inspection, perhaps QC staff only find 1% or 2% defective items, and the left 3% or 4% becomes stock. Think about this, if the order quantity is 10,000pcs, there will be about 300 to 400pcs count for 3-4%, there are thousands of factories in China, and this happens every day in every plant so buyers have adequate alternatives, there is a rich resource there, buyers can choose freely from this factory to that one, this is definitely a great advantage of buying from China.

Good Quality

The quality of the goods is usually good enough, from the above point we talked about, the garment stock lots comes from overproduction, and quality is the same according to the order specification. Because they are customized, the excess can hardly be sold in an ordinary way, dealing with this as stock lots will be the best choice. With years of development, the Chinese garment industry has already become mature enough, almost all famous branded apparel are original equipment manufactured in China, the Chinese plants are able to pass all the criteria to meet customer’s requirements, that’s why brands choose Chinese factories.

The quality of the goods shipped in from China is considerably better as compared to the ones shipped in from the other regions, even used and extra items from China are of high quality and are excellent for reuse. Just in case if you find any defects or flaws, they will be very few or barely visible.

Purchase at a Low-Cost

Buyers always make the purchase at a very low cost, not only because of the wholesale large quantity but also for the reason of clearance for liquidation. Most of the stock lot garments are customized, these items could not be sold in a routine way, such as selling in a boutique store or in a supermarket. Therefore, the whole stock lots will be sold at 1 time, buyers take them all at a low cost. These garments may be reproduced by cutting off the original labels and stitching new ones so that those could be sold at a higher retail price. Some of these goods do not get any changed and are also sold at a low retail price, it is common to see such items in a discount store or dollar store. The price is much cheaper than the regular wholesale price which makes the purchase at a really low cost.

High Profit

Since the purchase cost is low, there will be a good profit. Businessmen are always looking for high-profit commodities, stock lots business may be one of the high-profit businesses. 

We know that profit comes from sales minus costs, so it is necessary to control the costs as low as possible. Some garment stock lots come from bankruptcy liquidation, the owners have no choice but sell the goods as soon as possible to get the money. Factories also need to deal with the excess production to make more room for the warehouse as well as expediting the capital flow, the common way is to sell the surplus at an incredibly cheap price. Meanwhile, some buyers may do some changes to the goods such as changing their own labels, the total cost only increases a little more, however, the profit increases a lot because the garments are sold at high prices in boutiques.

Buyers can also do second wholesale or do discount selling, both ways will result in a great sale, the total profit will also be high in the end.

High Efficiency in Order Fulfillment

Since the reform and opening up of China, the vitality of the Chinese economy has been stimulated, and the concept of “more work, more pay” and “hard work makes you rich” has taken root in people’s minds. Especially in China’s coastal cities and big cities, people’s desire for a better quality of life is much stronger, which is one of the reasons for the better economic development in these places. China’s coastal cities are more developed in foreign trade, one is because of geographical advantages because there are more convenient ports; the second is the human factor, many coastal cities are immigrant cities, these places have a higher quality of talent, more open-minded, and a stronger desire for a high quality of life. Shenzhen is one of the best examples. “Time is Money, Efficiency is Life”, this old slogan is a good interpretation of this spirit.

From the above description, we can draw a general portrait of Chinese businessmen, who are diligent responsible, and ambitious. A large number of big enterprises to invest in China to build factories also fully indicate the high efficiency of the Chinese people, and their reliable work. They’ll be more willing to go out of their way to do trade with you than other suppliers.

There are also some other benefits, the 5 we discussed would be the main part. At last, we should bear in mind that all of these are based on finding the right suppliers, otherwise, we may suffer and get a loss despite the 5 advantages.

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